Flood and Water Damage Tips & Information

A Dozen Things You CAN Do In An Emergency

  • Call Queens Carpet Cleaning immediately!
  • Do not enter any room if the ceiling appears to be wet or sagging.
  • If the water is not clear, it may be contaminated by substances; do not handle any items in the area and do not turn on fans fans, heating or air conditioning systems.
  • If the water is clear and it is possible, eliminate the source of the water immediately.
  • If it is safe to do so, turn off the supply of electricity to areas of home affected.
  • If it is safe to do so, move any electrical devices from area affected.
  • If possible avoid walking on wet carpets or rugs.
  • Remove small pieces of furniture from wet carpet as quickly as possible. Place aluminum foil or wax paper under the legs of large furniture pieces to help prevent carpet staining and protect the furniture from "wicking".
  • Remove items that are fragile or sensitive to moisture such as books and fabrics from rooms affected by flooding. Also remove any items that could stain your carpets or rugs.
  • Pin up draperies and skirts on furniture to prevent staining.
  • Towel dry wooden furniture, counter tops and fittings.
  • Do not try to use home vacuums or shop vacs to extract water in flooded areas as there is a danger of electrical shock.

Floodwater Types

Floodwater falls into three categories. Knowing which category your problem falls into is important in determining the best course of action to take. It is critical to seek assistance immediately, because category 1 waters can become category 2 or 3 very quickly.

Category 1—clear water
This kind of flooding usually entails clean water that originates from a source--like a broken pipe or water heater--it does not present an immediate threat to humans or animals.

Category 2- grey water
This kind of water appears to be grey, filmy, or murky. It can contain a level of contamination, which could cause significant discomfort or sickness to humans exposed to it. Clear water may become murky or fall into category 2 within 24-48 hours.

Category 3- black water
This kind of water can occur in situations involving mass flooding or sewage, and is extremely dangerous. It usually contains significant microbial and pathogenic agents and is very unsanitary. It is important to prevent your family members or pets from being exposed to this category of floodwater.

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