Every Rug is a Treasure - To You And To Us!

At Queens Carpet Cleaning, we put tender loving care into every rug whether it's old or new. We use the safest, environmentally friendly, organic supplies available today.

Thorough Cleaning Process

This enables us to thoroughly clean your rugs, removing all spots, stains, and ground-in dirt while gently preserving even the most delicate fibers.

We understand that your area rugs are important. They complete the unique look of your home, yet, they are often exposed to heavy foot traffic, kid spills, and even pet stains.

All Types Of Rugs -
Each One Requiring Special Care

Our experienced technicians have the special training and expertise needed to provide you with an analysis of the best treatments for your rug's specific weave, fibers, and dyes.

We give every rug the special care and attention it deserves to last for generations!

Our five-stage cleaning system guarantees worry-free service when you need it most!

Stage One

Our professional rug technicians will meet with you to conduct a pre-inspection. They will carefully analyze the type of materials in your rugs, their condition, their dye stability, and whether there is soiling and staining. They will also address any questions you may have about the best cleaning treatment for your rugs.

Stage Two

Our specially trained crew will prepare the rugs to be cleaned, and if done in your home, will remove furniture and protect surrounding floors and fittings. Then they will dry vacuum both sides of your rug to remove all loose dirt, sand, pet hair, and dust mites. Your rug will also be pre-treated to remove ground-in dirt and/or stains.

Stage Three

After our technicians agitate the rug to further loosen soil, they will apply environmentally safe cleaners to deep clean and refresh the fibers followed with an extraction process to leave your rug fully cleaned and refreshed, and almost dry. Alternately, for rugs that require different care, our rug specialists will soak and bathe your rug by hand.

Stage Four

Our technicians will also apply deodorizers and protectors that not only extend the life of your rug, but also keep it looking and feeling luxurious. We will finish up with a treatment designed to clean and brighten the fringe.

Stage Five

At the end of every project our service professionals with meet with you to conduct a final inspection of the job and ensure that you are 100 percent satisfied with our service.

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